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High Quality Rotary Dryer

High Quality Rotary Dryer
Product Detailed

Rotary dryer:
1.High efficiency and handling capacity.
2.Easy operation and maintenance.
3.Simple and reliable structure.

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 Working Theory of High Quality Rotary Drye

1.The cylinder of dryer is a rotary cylinder which is oblique slightly. The materials are fed from the relatively higher terminal, heat carrier comes in from the lower terminal, and sometimes the heat carrier and materials get into the cylinder together. Along with the revolving of cylinder, the materials move to the lower terminal due to the gravity.

2.When the wet materials move forward, it receives the heat from the heat carrier directly or indirectly. As a result, the wet materials are dried, and discharged out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor on the outlet. There is shoveling plate inside the cylinder in order to shovel materials up and cast it out, to increase the connection surface, to promote drying efficiency, and accelerate the forward movement of materials. Generally, the heat carrier can be hot air and chimney flue.

3.After the heat carrier is dried, the materials mingled with air should be collected with cyclone dust collector. If there is need to reduce the content of dust mixed with tail gas, the heat carrier should be subject to bag dust collector or wet dust collector before it is discharged.

High Quality Rotary Dryer Performance and Feature

1.The rotary dryer mainly consists of rotor, shed plate, transmission device, support device, seal ring, and other spare parts. The rotary dryer has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent manufacture, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation and so on.

2.The rotary dryer is applicable for particle materials, and is also applicable for paste and viscous materials which are mingled with particle materials, or materials whose water content is high. It has the advantages of large production volume, wide application range, small flow resistance, large adjustable range, and convenient operation, etc.

Application of High Quality Rotary Dryer 

This machine can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as coal, coal slurry, slag, industrial waste, and clay stone. They are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry.

type(mm)indiclination(%)rotation speed(r/min)input tempreture(ºC)motor power(kw)outpur(t/h)weight(t)reforanceΦ600×60003-53-8≤70030.5-1.52.9 Φ800×80003-53-8≤70040.8-2.03.5 Φ800×100003-53-8≤70040.8-2.54.5 Φ1000×100003-53-8≤7005.51.0-3.55.6 Φ1200×100003-53-8≤7007.51.8-514.5 Φ1200×120003-53-8≤700112-614.8 Φ1500×120003-52-6≤800153.5-917.8 Φ1800×120003-52-6≤800185-1225 Φ2200×120003-51.5-6≤80018.56-1533 Φ2200×180003-51.5-6≤8002210-1853.8 Φ2200×200003-51.5-6≤8003012-2056 Φ2400×200003-51.5-5≤8003718-3060 Φ2800×150003-51.5-5≤8004020-3572.5 Φ2800×180003-51.5-5≤8004025-3575 Φ3000×200003-51.5-5≤8005528-4078 Φ3000×250003-51.5-5≤8007532-45104.9 

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